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TriNet: Our Newest Tri-Valley Addition

Posted by Jonathan Ting on September 27, 2018

In 2018 TriNet relocated its corporate headquarters from San Leandro to One Park Place, Dublin, CA. and is the latest addition to the Mirador Tri-Valley Index.


TriNet (NYSE: TNET) is a professional employer organization that employs over 300,000 employees in the US. The Company also offers industry vertical-focused, full-service HR solutions through a single SaaS platform. Recently, the Company had been transitioning its clients onto a new technology platform. The process took over a year, but the last of the transitions were finally completed last quarter. Moving forward, TriNet will be focusing its efforts on growing new sales and increasing its market share. Barrett Boston was brought on as the new Chief Revenue Officer to drive this initiative forward, and we’ve already seen some promising signals.

 The Company went public in 2014 at $16/share and has since tripled in value to $55/share.

With the technology platform set and full throttle on sales, we believe TriNet will continue to deliver outsized returns into 2019/2020. TriNet is one of the top providers in its space, and we are glad to have it call the Tri-Valley its home.


To read our comprehensive research on TriNet, please follow the link below.

Mirador's TriNet Research Report

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