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The Economic Impact of Small Business

Posted by Jonathan Ting on March 25, 2019

Small to medium sized businesses (SMBs) are the backbone of the US economy. That’s not just a line used by politicians to get reelected, it’s the truth.

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Biotech/Medtech: On The Rise In The Tri-Valley

Posted by Don Garman on July 27, 2017

Last year over $200 million in venture capital was raised for biotechnology and medical technology in the Tri-Valley.

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A Word From Mirador On The Market

Posted by Don Garman on August 21, 2015

Here at Mirador we have spent our summer months watching the stock markets around the globe wrestle with the numerous problems confronting us all.

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What Do Falling Oil Prices Mean For The Stock Market?

Posted by Don Garman on December 29, 2014

Looking Good In The New Year

Over the past few weeks, a number of people have asked me what the stunning drop in oil prices means for the stock market.

Answer: It’s unambiguously good for our portfolios and for most of America.

Falling oil prices are tantamount to a huge stimulus package for the economy – like a giant tax cut. According to James Furman, chairman of the White House Council of Economic Advisers, every $8 to $10 drop in oil prices adds one-tenth of 1% to GDP.

The drop in oil is already putting money in the pockets of millions of people in the form of lower gas prices. The average American will save more than $1,000 per year from gas prices that are now below $3 per gallon. That will give consumers more money for discretionary spending in 2015, which will be bullish for the market.

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Market Volatility And The Long-Term Horizon

Posted by Don Garman on October 16, 2014


Like many of you, we are attuned to the recent stock market gyrations and the seemingly intractable problems that confront us globally.

At moments like this, it’s easy to be pessimistic, but it’s equally important not to let the pessimism consume you.

In fact, 10% corrections are routine in any market cycle. The investors who have done well over time learn to live with market uncertainty.

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