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What You Need To Know About Estate Planning

Posted by Lauren Moone on October 31, 2019

When meeting with new clients, we often learn that they do not have a basic estate plan. While we are not estate planning attorneys, we feel strongly that having the key components in place is vital to our clients’ financial plan and family’s well-being.

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Topics: Estate Planning, Personal Finance

Are Low Global Yields Actually a Currency Play?

Posted by Jonathan Ting on September 12, 2019

Imagine a world where your mortgage lender is offering to pay you $3,500/year to take on a no interest $500,000 mortgage.

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Topics: Bonds

Evaluating Publicly Traded Companies Using Venture Capital Methods

Posted by Jonathan Ting on August 6, 2019

When it comes to valuing fast growing tech companies, venture capitalists seem to speak in their own foreign language. Traditional Wall Street terms like earnings per share, return on assets or discounted cash flows don’t even exist in their dictionary. 

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Topics: Active Management, Venture Capital

Tri-Valley Private Deal Activity Q2 2019

Posted by Jonathan Ting on July 18, 2019

There were a number of Tri-Valley deals in Q2. Find out who raised venture capital, who was involved in M&A and what businesses are registering in or relocating to the Tri-Valley.

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Topics: Tri-Valley Research, Startups, Venture Capital

Mirador Capital Partners / Tri-Valley Ventures 2019 Summer Intern Program

Posted by Don Garman on May 30, 2019

Please join us in welcoming our 2019 summer interns! For the next six weeks, Archer and Geoffrey will be working side by side with Jonathan, Lauren and myself to further cultivate their interest in finance.

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