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Don Garman

Don Garman is an investment professional with more than 30 years of experience. A proven portfolio manager, Don has advised clients on a wide range of issues from legacy and estate planning services to investment analysis, portfolio selection, and liability management. Don has earned the prestigious designations of CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner and Certified Investment Management Analyst.
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Biotech/Medtech: On The Rise In The Tri-Valley

Posted by Don Garman on July 27, 2017

Last year over $200 million in venture capital was raised for biotechnology and medical technology in the Tri-Valley.

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Topics: Market Outlook, Tri-Valley Research

A Word From Mirador On The Market

Posted by Don Garman on August 21, 2015

Here at Mirador we have spent our summer months watching the stock markets around the globe wrestle with the numerous problems confronting us all.

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Topics: Market Outlook, Active Management

A Conversation With Mirador Capital Partners: Inspired Leadership From Kevin Comerford

Posted by Don Garman on August 1, 2015


Mirador Capital Partners recently sat down with Kevin Comerford, the CEO of Service Champions, which is the leading HVAC service company in the Tri-Valley area. In a fascinating look at what makes a successful company and personal life, we are pleased to share Kevin's insights on work, building company culture, and leading a team. We wanted to offer Kevin’s perspective because we believe it will be helpful for those just beginning a career or for those who are thinking about starting their own company. 

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Topics: Company Profiles

Has The Era Of Passive Investing Just Come To An End? (Hint: Yes, It Has.)

Posted by Don Garman on July 13, 2015

The debate between active and passive investment management has been regularly discussed in investment circles for the last two decades, and it’s a debate unlikely to go away soon.

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Topics: Active Management

Is It Wise To Have Treasury Bonds In Your Portfolio?

Posted by Don Garman on February 14, 2015

One of the conversations I keep having over and over with investors is whether they should have Treasury bonds (or Bonds of any kind) in their portfolio. 

It’s a relevant question because most portfolios have a bond component. The traditional asset allocation strategy is 60% in equities and 40% in bonds and cash. Bonds benefit a portfolio by diversifying risk and improving performance at a given level of risk. 

The concern is that with interest rates at historic lows, Treasury bonds are guaranteed to lose value when rates rise. The reason is that newly issued bonds carry a higher interest rate than existing bonds in a portfolio, even though the income stream is unchanged.

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Topics: Bonds

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