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Alameda County Food Bank - MCP Volunteers!

Posted by Sean Cook on January 15, 2019

“Having the ability to feed your family and children should be a fundamental right for us as humans.” This has been the unwavering belief of the Alameda County Community Food Bank for the past 30 years.

Yesterday the Mirador team, along with our clients and family members, threw our hat in the ring for this belief.


Alameda County Community Food Bank serves 1 out of every 5 people in the county and has the goal of sending out 9 million pounds of food this year. As the only food bank in the county, that’s huge!

To contribute to the cause, members of the Mirador team went to ACCFB's facility in Oakland to volunteer in the warehouse. We were also joined by family members and even some clients who wanted to help make a difference in the community.

MCP Food Bank

Due to the sheer volume of food coming in the facility's door, it’s near impossible for the staff alone to sort and ship everything which leads to perfectly good produce spoiling. To combat this problem, we helped by sorting through their fresh produce and packaging it up to go out the following day. Although a majority of the produce is in good shape, we were instructed to toss the bad apples into a bin that is sent to local farms where it will serve as feed for the animals.

It was a great time getting to know the other volunteers, becoming more intimate with our clients, and doing all of this knowing our efforts would make a child’s lunch a bit fuller and a family’s dinner a bit healthier.

The fruits of our labor were announced to us after we finished our session.

Our tally? We were able to bag 1,013 lbs. of onions, 1,029 lbs. of potatoes, 1,080 lbs. of quinoa, 2,072 lbs. of oranges, 3,972 lbs. of sweet potatoes, and 8,982 lbs. of apples! That’s over 18,000 pounds of food that will serve about 15,000 meals for the community.



If you're looking to help individuals in Alameda County, below are some helpful notes on how you can start making a difference today:

  • While food donations are greatly appreciated, monetary donations go much further to help the cause. This is due to the relationships formed with grocery businesses that allow ACCFB to spend $1 to purchase about $7 worth of food.
  • When donating food, donate non-perishables.
    • Fun Fact: Alameda County Food Bank will NOT accept soda or other sugary beverages. They are the first community food bank to ban soda in an effort to improve community health and nutrition


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