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A Brief History of Mirador

Posted by Daniel Potts on May 11, 2017

You might be wondering. What does Mirador mean anyway?

The word Mirador in Spanish translates to “a tower offering a vantage point”. 

The roots of our name, like our company, lie in Pleasanton. A few years ago, our Founder Don Garman was taking his dog Rosie for a walk through the neighborhood. He was listening to Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg’s book on tape Lean In at the time and remembers hearing a call to action.  If fear were not an issue, what would you do with your life?  Not more than 20 feet in front of Don was a street sign, intersecting his own, reading “Mirador.”

Having entertained the idea of breaking off from a large investment house to become an independent financial advisor and fiduciary, this could not have come at a better time. This street sign would become a cornerstone in the story of Mirador. Don thought the word exemplified the values he could bring to clients' lives. Most evidently in our flagship Longview strategy. 

Once a business plan was established it was time to create a logo. It is no accident that we chose Coit Tower to represent our business model. We knew the logo needed to reflect our sentiment towards investing. The views from Coit Tower are analogous to the views we take when constructing and managing our portfolios. Both stress the ability to see great distances.

Final Logo, PNG.png

Our clients' lives are not without challenge. There are many obstacles to navigate along the way to retirement.  By taking the high ground we are able to navigate more effectively by sighting warning signs as well as opportunities.

We will continue to take The Mirador View as we guide our clients' portfolios towards their goals.

Coit Tower

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