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Tri-Valley Private Deal Activity Q4 2019

Posted by Jonathan Ting on January 22, 2020

Last quarter seven Tri-Valley based companies raised rounds over $1M, four were acquired and three made acquisitions. We saw a slowdown in activity attributed to seasonality but early signs are suggesting an increase in Q1.

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Topics: Tri-Valley Research, Startups, Venture Capital

Housing Choices for Retirees Continue to Evolve

Posted by Don Garman on January 16, 2020

I predict a changing financial landscape in years ahead and tell retirees that when investment returns aren’t necessarily able to ensure a comfortable existence in retirement alone, they may need other ways to supplement income.

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Topics: Estate Planning, Personal Finance

2020 Fed Beige Book - Prices Up, Wages Flat

Posted by Jonathan Ting on January 16, 2020

This week, the Federal Reserve released its Beige Book report which covers economic activity in the final six weeks of 2019. Given the Fed’s dual mandate on employment and inflation, let’s focus on its findings from those two areas.

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Topics: Market Outlook

Why Current Preferences for Passive Investments Won't Work in the World Ahead

Posted by Don Garman on December 13, 2019

When it comes to your investment portfolio, what happens if the next 18 years don’t look like the previous 18 years or 36 years? Are you financially prepared for a generation where returns are very low?

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Topics: Market Outlook, Active Management

Two Charts That Capture Q3 Earnings Season

Posted by Jonathan Ting on December 13, 2019

The Q3 2019 earnings season surprised mildly to the upside. 78% of companies beat their analyst EPS targets (vs a 10-year average of 63%) and 53% beat their analyst sales targets (vs a 10-year average of 53%).

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Topics: Market Outlook

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