Visiting Our Partners at Schwab

Posted by Daniel Potts on June 13, 2017

Last week, Joey and I visited our Charles Schwab service team in Phoenix, AZ. to get a firsthand look at how our client's needs are being met by our partners.

Although headquartered in San Francisco, Schwab has many operation facilities nationwide including the one where our service team, who works directly with our office, is located.

Schwab Phoenix.jpg

This tour program allows RIAs like Mirador to see what goes on behind the scenes. Something we are very grateful for as it allows us to become more fluent in the Schwab language, translating to a more effortless investing experience for our clients.

We were scheduled for a nine hour tour and very much looked forward to our time spent in Phoenix, as we had never been before. Fortunately we were accompanied by our local Schwab representative, Gerald Chang, who made us feel welcome into the Schwab family.

After getting to know our team more personally over breakfast on Thursday morning, we made our way around the facility stopping to explore departments ranging from cashiering to fraud to a group of folks who specialize in wire transfers.

Both Joey and I were impressed, not only by the staff's knowledge but by the security protocol and technology employed by the team. Incredible considering the volume of paperwork flowing through the system.

Our favorite hour of the day was spent side by side with the wonderful folks who answer the phones when we call in with questions regarding the Schwab platform. Often, when our clients call in with a question, we will need to consult with a subject matter expert at Schwab, which is why these folks exist!

As luck would have it, Jessica from our office called in to confirm a request she had submitted earlier, while Joey and I were shadowing the service team. As usual, they were able to assist in a timely manner and Jessica was able to promptly return to the client with an answer.

Around 4:00 p.m. it was time to go so we wrapped up the day with our team and exchanged pleasantries before departing back to San Francisco.

We are happy to say this visit strengthened our relationship with our partners at Schwab, which will ultimately result in smoother transactions for our clients.

As we approach our fourth anniversary working with Schwab, we are still proud to say we made the right choice by partnering with them on behalf of our clients.

When we say we are fiercely independent, this is exactly what we mean. In the case of our client's assets, we have more than one custodian option and our ability to choose is fundamental to our business.


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