Five Things You Need to Know About Saving for College with 529 Plans

Posted by Lauren Moone on September 3, 2018

The cost of higher education has risen dramatically over the last 10 years, with four year college tuition increasing at an annual average rate of 5%, outpacing inflation over the same time period by 3.4% per year.  The national average cost of attending a four-year public college is now over $28,000 per year and exceeds $59,000 for private-colleges. Fortunately, establishing and funding a 529 plan early can set families and students up for future success.

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Talk, Act, Think: Actionable Science

Posted by Jonathan Ting on August 29, 2018

If you’ve been following along with our recent market outlook videos you’re probably familiar with our ever-growing concern that rising costs will impact future corporate earnings growth. One Tri-Valley startup is working to reverse this trend.

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Five9 Deserves a High Five

Posted by Jonathan Ting on May 22, 2018

As companies are rapidly moving to the cloud, we believe MTVX member Five9 is well positioned to replace legacy systems in the contact center software space and will greatly benefit from the shifting landscape.

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Commercializing The Lab's Tech

Posted by Don Garman on October 2, 2017

Dan and I recently had the privilege of visiting Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) to learn about research and development conducted at the site.

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Made in the Tri-Valley

Posted by Daniel Potts on September 11, 2017

World class wine and scientific research are what the region is known for, but there are more industries contributing to our booming economy than you might think.

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