On Our Radar: Title 21 Health Solutions

Posted by Yari Wajid on February 22, 2016


"Our True North is Improving Patient Outcomes through Easy-to-Use, Integrated Healthcare Technologies"

Founded in 2001, Title21 Health Solutions (“Title21”) provides easy-to-use, flexible software to health science organizations.

Its comprehensive, integrated solutions reduce compliance gaps, increase efficiency, and support improved patient outcomes by automating and integrating critical processes such as workflow management, compliance documentation, as well as laboratory data management for cellular therapy labs and regenerative medicine firms. The company serves the regulated health sciences space including hospitals, laboratories, and biotechnology firms. Its clients include industry leaders such as Stanford University, Georgetown University, Medstar Health, and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

Although Title21 is a privately-owned and operated company; it is on our radar as a rapidly growing Tri-Valley business that exhibits the qualities we seek in our portfolio companies: compelling customer value proposition, disruptive technology, attractive growth opportunities, and a strong competitive advantage.

The Challenge

Organizations within the cellular therapy and regenerative space face the challenge of managing immense amounts of critical patient data while maintaining compliance, efficiency, and complete traceability throughout all of their operations.  Each process may have certain unique data management requirements which are specific to their operations, which need to be integrated across a complex set of interrelated workflows.  This means the electronic systems which automate these processes must be flexible to specific requirements, natively integrated throughout its modules, and user friendly.

Many laboratory information systems lack these factors.  Most existing systems are generic and don't address the unique requirements within specialties such as cell therapy.  They often consist of detached modules that aren't integrated across an entire workflow, resulting in redundant data entry, increased opportunity for error, and reduced interoperability.  The industry has been slow to adopt available technology in part due to the increased burden and workflow disruption associated with many solutions, and has therefore continued to use paper based records and redundant, manual processes.

Meanwhile, Title21’s Cell Therapy Solution is designed to meet the specific requirements of specialties such as blood and marrow programs, cord blood centers, tissue centers, and cell therapy labs. Title21’s system is designed to integrate with laboratory equipment, barcode scanners, and existing systems to decrease redundant data entry and minimize the risk for human error.  All stages of the workflow are integrated into a single system; this enables seamless transitions along the patient care and product manufacturing process, and the ability to compile a complete, audit-ready set of records.  Title21's process automation and intuitive interface facilitates, rather than burdens, the end user, and can even be configured to mimic legacy paper forms to ease an organization’s transition from paper to an electronic system.

The Opportunity

Title21 Health Solutions’ Chief Executive Officer, Lynn Fischer, sees opportunity for continued growth for by continuing to expand Title21’s presence within the rapidly growing and dynamic Cell Therapy and Biotech markets.  When prospective clients are first introduced to the platform, “They often say they didn't even know technology like this existed," explains Fischer; this previously unmet need suggests the vast runway available to Title21.  Yet perhaps most compelling is the opportunity to leverage the Company's growing data repository to improve the functionality and intelligence of the software, creating a formidable barrier-to-entry and a highly captive user base – characteristics which we believe ultimately lead to sustainable earnings power.

Tri-Valley Connection

Title21 is headquartered in Pleasanton and currently has 20 employees, most of whom hail from the Tri-Valley or the surrounding vicinity. Title21 is hiring and actively recruits in Pleasanton, in part because of the deep pool of local talent. Fischer believes that the local community shares Title21's core values and culture, which she is keen to preserve as the company grows. Title21's recruiting practices appear to be working thus far:  the company was named one of CIO Technology Review's 20 Most Promising Biotech Technology Solution Providers for two years running.  We will continue to follow Title21 as the company is becoming a well-known technology leader of the Tri-Valley.

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